I’ve just unliked a bunch of Facebook pages today. Nothing personal here, but I’ve figured out it was the best way to deal with Facebook’s constantly changing Timeline matrix.

When I first started Facebook, I take the Like Page button at its literall meaning. I liked this actor, that singer, this store and that product, so I “liked” their pages.

And then, my News Feed started getting overwhelmed with photos of that actor posing with his doggie and say “Have a nice day everyone”. Or that product shot in a beautiful sunrise view with a printed quotation “Keep calm and have a great week ahead!”.

It was, in some way, entertaining at first. But as less and less “real” updates from my friends showed up in my Timeline, those Pages’ updates became annoying to me.

Yes, I did love to know about your latest albums, news and promotions, but I cared more about my friends’ latest events and happenings.

So no thanks, I don’t need your entertainment anymore.

I cleaned up my Timeline to give space for my precious friends.

Oh, by the way, here’s an update of my kittie. Have a nice day everyone, or no one, well.

Cute cat

Dang Trinh


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