Sometimes I wonder if ditching my iPad for a Kindle would make me a better reader. The thing is, it took ages for me to hunt down and build up a collection of 100+ ebooks on my iPad, and hardly did I finish reading a dozen.

Whenever I open the mighty all-purpose tablet, my fingers are always tempted to reach Facebook, Youtube and the like of 1.3 million apps available on the App Store – and iBook always come as the second thought!

The case would be different with a Kindle, as I would only have one choice: to read. It is like many a time when I travel by train to campus, with only a coursebook to keep me company for an hour. I always find those times among the most productive hours of the day.

Thus, while an iPad and a Kindle are both capable of reading ebooks, the one with extra capabilities ends up making me less productive. It is similar to the multitasking dilemma that we homosapiens are facing in the modern world. More choices present more distraction, and less productivity.

Back to the initial question: Do you think swapping iPad for Kindle would encourage more reading in general?


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