waiting for husband She’s been standing there for centuries. Alone atop the mountain. A figure of a woman holding her child, made entirely of stone. She used to be a real human, the beautiful Lady To, said legend. One day, her husband joined the royal army and never came back. She would wait there with their newborn baby, patiently, loyally. Many a season would pass until finally, the woman was turned into stone. Her figure would withstand the test of time, and so would her love. Inspired by the age-old sad story, The Statue of Awaiting Wife is one of the most epic musical masterpieces of Vietnam. The lyrics and rhythm are so skillfully crafted that you can really see the royal armies marching through the fields from afar, the wife standing motionlessly on the mountain top, and the Nature – a character itself – showing its mercy towards the miserable human beings.

“Son on her arm, she stands longing for his return So much time gone by, Oath has been fading On a mountain afar, her hero triumphs Forever she stands there, longing his return” (Translated by etalkishere from asiafinest.com)

For the live performance of The Statue of Awaiting Wife, click here: https://youtu.be/30qo2G2Xjl4?t=3m24s Trinh Le


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