Mark Zuckerberg mosaic portrait made up of Facebook icons
Photo by Gary Cadogan / Wired UK, licensed under CC.

What’s the organic reach of a typical Facebook post today? Is it 2% or 0.2%? Oh wait; I don’t care – what matters more to me is how many updates I can see from my friend list.

If you go to Facebook these days, you’re likely to see more sponsored posts from pages and less “real” updates from your friends – aka those that really matter. The ratio must be around 2:1 by now – outrageous, right?

To me, even a badly lighted, over-filtered photo from my buddies is worth a million times more than a fancy branded post. Sadly, Facebook has chosen to prioritise the latter, solely for financial pursuit.

So today, I made a “revolution”: I unliked all Facebook pages to see how my News Feed would look like.

I would expect a clean-cut News Feed filled up only with updates from my friends and relatives, but – surprise! – those page posts have made a return, under one form or another.

Either marked as “Friend A commented on this” or “Friend B liked this”, sponsored posts continue to clutter my News Feed, even when I’ve unliked them all!

It’s obvious that the no.1 “social network” is turning into a advertising board, with advertisers competing for our “likes” and “shares” at all cost. Even a seemingly harmless cat video can serve as a mean to drive traffic and build audience!

As the result, young generations are abandoning the platform and turning to new social media that have not adopted an aggressive advertising scheme.

The only question is, when will Facebook completely become a ghost town, filled with things that are paid to be posted, liked and shared.

Trinh Le


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