Hello there!

Welcome to my website.

From time immemorial, I’ve been drawn to the secret world of books – the world that surpasses space and time. Along the alleys of bookshelves, I would meet Zeus, the Buddha, JK Rowling, Amy Tan, and all types of people, past to present, East to West.

I would spend hours browsing through pages, the way old-time intellectuals contemplate paintings at the galleries, or millennials scroll down Facebook and Instagram, with a firm belief that somewhere among those titles, there are books destined for me, and authors waiting to talk to me, open up my eyes, and widen my worldview.

Writing came naturally as a by-product of extensive and intensive reading. Since then, I have been writing as a blogger, a copywriter, and most recently, a journalist.

While you’re here, have a look at my works in English and Vietnamese. And if you ever need help with copywriting, social media, or photography (yes, I also take good photos!), don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Trinh Le